Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew – Large


Chewing releases, feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy. Antlers last longer than any other dog chew on the market longer than rawhide chews or compacted vegetable starch chews.
They wear down slowly with the grinding action of the dog’s teeth and saliva, into tasty morsels. Eventually, the dry marrow is exposed as a lovely treat when the outside has been worn away. They are suitable for puppies who are teething.
Antos Antlers don’t contain nylon like some long lasting chews. They are not an empty chew like rawhide and contain important minerals.



Chewing releases, really feel-just right chemical substances from the mind and assists in keeping canine glad, busy and the use of up power. Antlers last more than some other canine bite in the marketplace longer than rawhide chews or compacted vegetable starch chews.
They put on down slowly with the grinding motion of the canine’s enamel and saliva, into tasty morsels. Sooner or later, the dry marrow is uncovered as an attractive deal with whilst the out of doors has been worn away. They’re appropriate for domestic dogs who’re teething.
Antos Antlers do not include nylon like a few lengthy lasting chews. They don’t seem to be an empty bite like rawhide and include vital minerals.
They blank the canine’s enamel, moderately than bung them up and they are nice for canine with delicate tummies. Even canine who’re reducing weight can experience Antos Antlers as a result of they just include a tiny quantity of fats. Certainly, they do not include components or preservatives.
Antos Antlers are blank canine chews, leaving no stain or mess at the carpet and They’re additionally very low in odour, a few say they have got an excessively faint odor of unpolluted soil. They’re successfully, uncooked, and so keep all their goodness and protection.

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