Kala Health – Calmix for Dogs and Cats – Contains L-Theanine (Suntheanine), Valerian Powder, Taurine and other Calming Ingredients- This Natural Supplement Helps Calm Nervous Pets, Reduces Stress and Anxiety thereby Promoting Relaxation and Calming Behavior – Available as 45 Chewable Treat-Like Tablets.

L-Theanine. This natural amino acid L-Theanine is commonly found in Green Tea and is clinically proven to promote relaxation; reduce stress & anxiety in pets, and improve learning ability.
Vitamin B6. Part of the B-complex vitamins, inositol has a prominent calming effect on the central nervous system.
Valerian Root. Valerian root has been used as a sleep aid for over 1,000 years. Its ability to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease levels of anxiety and stress.



L-Theanine. This herbal amino acid L-Theanine is frequently present in Inexperienced Tea and is clinically confirmed to advertise leisure; cut back tension & nervousness in pets, and toughen studying skill.
Diet B6. A part of the B-advanced nutrients, inositol has a distinguished calming impact at the critical anxious device.
Valerian Root. Valerian root has been used as a nap assist for over 1,000 years. Its skill to lend a hand calm down the critical anxious device, advertise emotions of calm, lower ranges of hysteria and tension.
Taurine. This amino acid performs a tremendous function within the mind as an “inhibitory” or calming neurotransmitter.

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