KosiPet Rectangular Dog Bed Blue Check, Large

[ MEDIUM HD FOAM ] is used in the Mattress to Give the Dog Bed an even more stable and comfortable feel, lasting longer and will not decompose over time. The Fleece Fabric Dog Bed Cover is Highly Breathable, Soft to the Touch. The Dog Bed is Rectangle in Shape Shape. The Dog Bed Cover is Easy Care (machine washable), Durable
[ RETAINS INSULATING POWERS ] , even when wet, Quick Dry. The Fleece is made 100% Polyester. Giving Your Pet The Comfort It Deserves
[ PRESSURE RELIEVING ] high density foam to create a bed that your dog can snuggle in and will love. The Dog Bed is filled with a High density Foam Pad that are soft and Comfy



[ MEDIUM HD FOAM ] is used within the Mattress to Provide the Canine Mattress an much more solid and at ease really feel, lasting longer and won’t decompose over the years. The Fleece Cloth Canine Mattress Quilt is Extremely Breathable, Cushy to the Contact. The Canine Mattress is Rectangle in Form Form. The Canine Mattress Quilt is Simple Care (mechanically cleanable), Sturdy
[ RETAINS INSULATING POWERS ] , even if rainy, Fast Dry. The Fleece is made one hundred% Polyester. Giving Your Puppy The Convenience It Merits
[ PRESSURE RELIEVING ] Top density foam to create a Mattress that your Canine can snuggle in and can love. The Canine Mattress is stuffed with a Top density Foam Pad which might be Cushy and Comfortable
[ IDEALFOR ]: Puppy Beds Canine Beds because the fleece mimics free floor which pets like to paw!. Cushy, thick and cuddly top class high quality anti tablet polar fleece Cloth that does not bobble in any respect, even after a couple of washes!. Exhausting Grip Velcro Taste Fastening
[ SIZES AVAILABLE ] : Medium: 84cm x 66cm x 10cm approx. Massive: 114cm x 76cm x 10cm Approx. Additional Massive: 135cm x 83cm x 10cm approx

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