KosiPet X-Large Waterproof Dog Bed Foam Mattress Deluxe High Density Beds Black Fleece Cover

[ PRESSURE RELIVING ] high density foam to create a bed that your dog will love. Our Fleece Dog Bed covers are larger than the High Density Foam thus mimicing the sensation of pawing at loose earth which dogs just love doing!.
[ MOST DOGS ] can’t rip through our Polar Fleece Dog Cover Material. Easy to Wash, just simply remove the Hard Grip cover and wash at 30 degrees ad dry.
[WE RECOMMEND ] that you purchase a spare dog bed cover so that when one is being washed and dryed or is spolied to much then you can quickly replace the cover immediately.



[ PRESSURE RELIVING ] Prime density foam to create a Mattress that your Canine will love. Our Fleece Canine Mattress covers are better than the Prime Density Foam therefore mimicing the feeling of pawing at free earth which canine simply love doing!.
[ MOST DOGS ] cannot rip thru our Polar Fleece Canine Duvet Subject matter. Simple to Wash, simply merely cast off the Arduous Grip Duvet and wash at 30 levels advert dry.
[WE RECOMMEND ] that you simply acquire a spare Canine Mattress Duvet in order that while one is being washed and dryed or is spolied to a lot then you’ll be able to temporarily exchange the duvet instantly.
[ OUR HIGH DENSITY ] Canine Beds Are available 3 Sizes: Medium 83cm x 66cm x 10cm Approx. LARGE: 114cm x 76cm x 10cm approx. X-LARGE: 135cm x 83cm x 10cm Approx.
[ POSSIBLY ] The Absolute best Mattress On The Marketplace Giving Your Puppy The Convenience It Merits

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