Ritzenberger DUCK Pure Meat Roll 12 x 500g (6,0 kg) | Meat feed from the master butcher

Freshly prepared, natural and healthy – these are the high-quality foods for dogs and cats from master butcher Ritzenberger. Just like you we love dogs and cats. You want the best for your pet and we want the best for you! As a competent and trustworthy family company, we personally stand by our name for the best quality of the products.
The cooked meat rolls consist of 100% juicy meat and fresh offal from the food production. These pure natural products from the master butcher Ritzenberger are produced without additives, preservatives or other fillers. Therefore, the meat rolls are also particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs and cats.
Our specialist team of pet food specialists, butchers and food technicians produces the meat rolls in the old butcher’s tradition. Here, the ingredients are crushed in the raw state and mixed, filled into sausages and then cooked gently. Thus, it can be ensured that all high-quality ingredients are preserved in the finished meat feed.



Freshly ready, herbal and wholesome – Those are the high quality meals for canines and cats from grasp butcher Ritzenberger. Similar to you we like canines and cats. You need the most efficient in your puppy and we would like the right for you! As a reliable and devoted circle of relatives corporate, we in my view stand via our identify for the most efficient high quality of The goods.
The cooked meat rolls encompass one hundred% juicy meat and recent offal from the meals manufacturing. Those natural herbal merchandise from the grasp butcher Ritzenberger are produced with out components, preservatives or different fillers. Due to this fact, the beef rolls also are specifically appropriate for nutritionally delicate canines and cats.
Our expert crew of dog food consultants, butchers and meals technicians produces the beef rolls within the vintage butcher’s custom. Right here, the {ingredients|meals} are beaten within the uncooked state and combined, stuffed into sausages after which cooked lightly. Therefore, it may be ensured that each one high quality {ingredients|meals} are preserved within the completed meat feed.
The sensible packaging within the artful sausage roll now not best promises most freshness, it additionally permits simple portioning and decreases the quantity of waste produced. The top rate meat roll is appropriate together with aspect dishes and dietary supplements as the root for a self-ready entire meals. The goods are strong for no less than 6 months with out cooling.
Composition: duck meat (forty five%), duck center (20%), duck abdomen (15%), duck necks (10%), duck liver (five%), broth (four%), calcium carbonate

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