Everest Dog Chew 3 Piece Yak Chew for Dogs (Small Dogs), 100 grams yak milk dog chew, Original Authentic Himalayan Yak…


Original Yak from the Himalayas! Made from Yak & Cow Milk! Some yak chews may look large in appearance but always do measure the weight since bad quality ones are less dense!
Authentic Himalayan Yak Chew! Not all yak chews are the same. Some are commercially made in EU milk factories (There are no yaks or Himalayan cows in the EU) and some are of poor quality and smell awful. We always tell our customers to buy our chews and compare them with our competitors in terms of texture, odor and color!
Supporting Local Farmers! We pay 100% higher to the farmers than what it costs to make our yak chews!



Authentic Yak from the Himalayas! Created from Yak & Cow Milk! A few yak chews might glance massive in look however at all times do degree the load given that unhealthy high quality ones are much less dense!
Unique Himalayan Yak Bite! Now not all yak chews are the similar. A few are commercially made in EU milk factories (There are not any yaks or Himalayan cows within the EU) and a few are of bad high quality and odor horrific. We at all times inform our shoppers to shop for our chews and examine them with our competition with regards to texture, smell and colour!
Assisting Native Farmers! We pay one hundred% Upper to the farmers than what it prices to make our yak chews!
Wholesome Herbal Canine Deal with! No Preservatives! No Chemical compounds! one hundred% All Herbal
Wealthy in Protein & Calcium! Upper density than so much of our competition!

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