Dog Calming

A relaxed dog means a relaxed you!
Calms for dogs and NutriCalm for dogs have been specially formulated by vets to calm your anxious pet in a natural way. They aid in preventing unruly and distressing behaviour and are fast acting. The raw ingredients in our products are of the highest quality.


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These high-grade products with their unique formulation are designed not just to provide a sense of calm and peace of mind to your pet, but to you too! These products are a convenient and safe way to help your pet feel more relaxed. Combined with other at-home methods and lots of love from you, you can quickly return to a happy household! Remember – our products are not dog sleeping pills; they are manufactured to calm your pet without the loss of alertness and functioning.

Just as you may take a tablet or other preparation when feeling particularly stressed and anxious, the manufacturers of calming tablets for dogs know that your puppy or dog will also experience moments when they too feel anxious and need to be given a short-term anxiety medication or supplement. Calms for dogs and NutriCalm for dogs are two such brands of commercially available dog calmer preparations owners can turn to with confidence. Such preparations are not dog sleeping pills but a carefully blended mix of nutrients and herbal extracts known for their ability to ease anxiety and return your puppy or dog to a more relaxed state, without drowsiness.
By turning to a dog calmer like Calms for dogs or NutriCalm for dogs, you are taking proactive steps to reduce stress and anxiety in your pet. As is the case with humans, medication and supplements are a necessary and responsible intervention when other methods have not achieved the desired for outcome. Our calming tablets for dogs have been thoroughly tried and tested, and are proven to bring relief. There are many reasons why your puppy or dog may become nervous and stressed, and they experience a range of emotional intensity just as humans do. As a pet ‘parent’ it is your task to get to know your puppy or dog well enough to read the telltale behavioural signs of distress and to nurture them back to health. The natural and safe ingredients contained in our clinical preparations ensure a fast and efficient way of regaining balance.
Buy Calms for dogs to comfort your pet when stress and anxiety strike for the following reasons:

  1. • Coping with loud noises
  2. • Handling transportation and travel of your pet
  3. • When you are moving house with your pet
  4. • When your pet is due to visit the vet
  5. • Whenever you have to board your pet in kennels
  6. • To help your pet cope with the presence of small children
  7. To comfort your new pet in its home
  8. • And for many other everyday situations that may cause your puppy or dog stress and anxiety.

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